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Handcrafted Jewellery and accesories of unique design and style.

Anna Maria Lambert is a jewellery and accessory designer with a unique style and technique that she uses in all of her designs. Her work is known for the powerful combination of colours and materials. She creates a variety of unique pieces, from large bold jewellery items, to accessories, home decor, and wedding crowns.

Anna Maria comes from an international background and incorporates a diversity of cultures and aesthetics that in her work. Half Greek, half Colombian and having also lived in China and Japan she was always inspired by the ancient civilizations that are the foundation of her work. She studied Media and Visual Arts in England and France and experimented in various fields such as, fashion, jewelry design, photography and video.

She has been living and working from Athens for the past 12 years as a jewelry designer. During this time her designs have caught the eye of the public due to their distinct identity. Her collections have been displayed in Greece's most well known galleries, boutiques and museums, such as the Benaki Museum, in Greece, the Greek islands, France, London, Berlin, New York, Miami, Colombia and Mexico. Her designs have also featured in some leading magazines, including Votre Beaute, Cosmopolitan Madame Figaro, Glamour, Mirror & Lucky .

Anna Maria Lambert
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