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FL - The Fashion Lab

  • Thessaloniki, Greece
  • Ανοιχτό από 21 Σεπ 2018
  • 14 πωλήσεις
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Printed collections of womenswear & swimwear

FL - The Fashion Lab is what it states: a laboratory of designers - experimenters of fashion.

For us, clothes are a camvas, where the female body can carry impressive imagery. We create limited-edition thematic collections of elegant ready-to-wear clothes using artistic All-over prints on the finest fabrics. We select the finest fabrics, we cut and print them specially with our created prints and clothing designs. Perceiving the new trend in digital print, The Fashion Lab makes its own signature, presenting an artistic perspective of colour, fabric and design geometry for a unique fashion statement experience.

Designed and produced in Greece, the Fashion Lab collection reflects the country's diverse spirit through its minimal lines and bold prints. The uniqueness of The Fashion Lab lies in its artistic use of clothes' design, pattern making, photography and art merging into the female body and make every woman’s appearance a fashion statement

the fashion lab
Ρώτησε τον δημιουργό

FL - The Fashion Lab

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